2015 CIO Salary Survey Results

Interesting salary trends in the personal financial market for CIOs

The introduction of ICD-10 and the rising concern of proper information governance have turned the role of the CIO into an even more pivotal player in the healthcare executive circuit. Hospitals and other healthcare service providers seem to be showing their appreciation for this, as 75% of those polled responded that they received a salary increase within the last five years. Additionally, 12.5% of those polled reported an increase of 5% in salary with their raise and 25% of those polled reported an overall annually salary of $200,000-249,000.

With big data and mobile health on the rise-causing electronic health records and other patient information to become ever more accessible and, therefore, more difficult to protect-it is easy to see why healthcare providers understand the value of a strong CIO and the importance of incentivizing them and their hard work.

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