5 Best Medical Website Builders for Hospitals, Doctors, and Private Clinics

Wanna create a quick and relatively inexpensive website for your medical business? You’d better find a relevant website builder. This is a special service or software based on cloud technology allowing you to create any type of website without knowledge of programming languages.

The customizing process takes place in real-time with the help of the online editor. More experienced users can edit and customize the site design according to their needs, while others can use ready-made medical templates. Most of such website constructors offer various packages for a reasonable price (5-10 dollars per month, hosting included), although there exist some free options. The drawback of the latter ones is that they often have serious restrictions, for instance, a limited website size or no chance to use your own website domain.
To help you decide which website builder is best for your needs, let’s review 5 most popular online website builders for hospitals, doctors, and private clinics.

1. WIX – Greatest Option for Your Medical Website

+ Huge choice of features and niche-related templates
+ Convenient in use
– Controversial support

Wix is ​​a popular free website builder that offers a number of plans and products. Free WIX version offers a limited storage space (500 MB) and bandwidth but one is not a good idea for a serious medical business. The most popular paid package (WIX Unlimited) will provide you with unlimited bandwidth, a 10 GB storage, as well as a free domain, Google Ad vouchers and much more for only $ 12.50 a month. The eCommerce plan will offer a 20 GB storage for a super reasonable price of only $ 16.50 a month.

An excellent collection of medical-related templates, including themes for clinics and medical centers, private doctors and medical specialists of all possible directions, family doctors, plastic surgeons, etc., allows you to work easily with the website design. The drag-and-drop editor provides you with easy-to-use tools and functions, like the image editor, video clips, animations, social buttons, built-in blog and much more. Almost everything can be customized, edited and reinstalled.

To be completely honest, though, Wix does have some drawbacks in its technical support, which seems a bit sluggish and limited in some aspects. Nonetheless, there is no doubt one is an excellent editor with a set of first-class medical templates allowing you to create something spectacular.

2. uKit – the Easiest Website Builder

+ Super convenient platform
+ Perfect for beginners
– Doesn’t fit large projects with heavy traffic

uKit is a relatively new development of uCoz and unlike its predecessor, uKit is more intuitive and modern. The product developers claim it’s an easy-to-learn tool that fits small and medium-sized businesses, which often relates to practicing doctors and small private clinics. This builder will be more suitable for business card websites, landings and other projects with a small number of pages. If a medic wants to quickly launch a stylish and functional resource, he can do it without any experience in development. All in all, the service handles this task great – the final result looks beautiful and takes no longer than a couple of days to be launched.

The only “but” has to do with uKit serious customization limitations. Unless the user switches to the builder’s PRO version, one is restricted to actions that weren’t envisaged by developers. Finally, uKit doesn’t offer any free plans, although each of its 4 plans implies a 14-day trial for you to test the system.

3. Jimdo

+ Free plan has a web store
+ Good technical support
– Fewer opportunities than some competitors

Jimdo is a somewhat quaint website designed specifically for novice website owners. Still, out of several other similar website builders made for newbies, Jimdo is worth your attention for a number of reasons. Well, at least because one can boast of a number of options in its free plan. In spite of some typical restrictions, like constantly popping-out ads, limited storage (500 MB), no custom domain and a very limited SEO, there are several functions one can’t get in other free plans. This implies a password-protected area and a super-easy eCommerce support for 5 products (the latter is very unusual for a freebie).

The site editor is simple and consistent, even if it is somewhat unconventional in terms of design. But, to be honest, the editor does not have as many functions as offered by other builders. Perhaps, you won’t be able to find as many templates suitable for a medical website but if you’re interested in creating an online store to sell medical products, medicine, etc., Jimdo will let you create one for free. In other cases, you may consider one of Jimdo’s four plans – Pro $ 7.50 per month, Business for $20 per month, SEO Plus for $ 30 and Platinum for $ 40.

4. AboutMyClinic
About My Clinic
So, AboutMyClinic is one of those very few platforms allowing any doctor, regardless of one’s level of technical skills, to customize a fully-responsive medical website and a mobile app in just a few minutes. If you decide to create a site using this platform, it will be equipped with a health information repository that is filled with valuable content from the world’s best medical resources and displayed in various formats. Moreover, you’ll be able to supplement your own resources to fulfill repository with more valuable info. This way, your future website will become a handy virtual information assistant for your future patients.

With a help of the website created by the AboutMyClinic builder, patients will be able to ask questions, consult remotely with a doctor, send requests or reserve meetings directly on the website and track all messages through a secure patient account. The pricing for the site service – $120 per year ($10 per month)!

5. Dr. Leonardo
Dr. Leonardo

+ Made specifically for the medical niche
+ Cloud hosting provided
– Expensive one-time activation fees

Dr. Leonardo was created to serve healthcare projects and all other medical professionals who were looking for a convenient medical website creator. The builder provides a wide range of responsive templates for medical, dental and veterinary specialists that are not only easy to manage but also fast to create. You can create a good-looking site without any specific coding knowledge in less than an hour! All the templates were specifically customized for the healthcare industry: modern and stylish but at the same time restrained and professionally-looking.

You’ll be opened to a set of customization features, for instance, animations, to diversify your web pages and make them eye-catching, whether for computer or mobile browsing. One great feature provided by Dr. Leonardo is the integration of the Patient Portal where you can track the patients’ records, manage appointments and payments and much more. Generally, the builder offers 4 plans: 2 to create a provider-site for $ 25 and $ 35 per month and 2 to create a practice-site for $ 50 and $ 75 per month.

Finishing up…

It’s tough to tell exactly which of these 5 builders is better in terms of features and customization opportunities. But one knows for sure – using a web builder for any doctor or a small private clinic cuts out unnecessary costs, like hiring a personal coder to develop the site from scratch. Even if you choose a paid plan, in most cases, this would be way more cost-effective than other more expensive options.

Hoping you’ll make the best decision!

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