9 Healthcare IT Trends in 2017

Black Book announced the results of its year-end C-suite poll as well as nine trends slated to impact providers, vendors and payers through the first half of 2017.

According to the survey, 82% of CIOs, 91% of CFOs and 83% of CEOs believe it is time to improve their organization’s technology.

The following are nine trends predicted for 2017.

  1. Technology Budgets Stagnate, Purchases through Q2 largely will be based on current business need.
  2. Electronic Data Warehouses (EDW) move to the top of short term priorities.
  3. Renewed and upgraded Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP) swings back into importance, now for Value Based Care Costing.
  4. Financially stable, regional IDNs are spending big dollars toward extended connectivity while the rest of the pack looks on.
  5. Providers keep watch and wait for Large Scale Healthcare Cyber Attacks before forming a Better Defense.
  6. Hype around the Cloud quiets down as it becomes the primary way to build enterprise architecture.
  7. Focus on Front End and Middle Office Business Office Functions & RCM Outsourcing intensifies.
  8. Skilled hospital tech staff recruitment is even more challenging.
  9. Interest in Precision Medicine initiatives continue but few have commitments to buy for first half of the New Year.

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