CDC Updates U.S. Zika-Related Birth Defect Statistics

The number of pregnant women with any laboratory evidence of possible Zika virus infection climbed to 433 in the United States, according to a recent update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The number across the U.S. territories increased to 422.

As noted by the report, pregnant women with laboratory evidence include those in whom viral particles have been detected and those with evidence of an immune reaction to a recent virus that is likely to be Zika.

These data reflect pregnant women in the US Zika Pregnancy Registry and the Zika Active Pregnancy Surveillance System in Puerto Rico. CDC, in collaboration with state, local, tribal and territorial health departments, established these registries for comprehensive monitoring of pregnancy and infant outcomes following Zika virus infection.

The data collected through these registries will be used to update recommendations for clinical care, to plan for services and support for pregnant women and families affected by Zika virus, and to improve prevention of Zika virus infection during pregnancy.

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