Lyft Assists Patients with Non-Emergency Transportation

One Call Care Management (“One Call”), a provider of cost containment services for the workers’ compensation industry, announced a partnership with ridesharing service, Lyft, to provide non-emergency patients with transportation.

One Call and Lyft have integrated their transportation platforms, creating an active ride management tool that allows users to monitor and confirm transportation in real-time.

“Our top priority is innovating and delivering new and exciting products, that significantly enhance the experience for our customers and patients,” said Joseph McCullough, senior vice president of One Call Transportation and Translation. “In addition to unprecedented transparency via real-time visibility into trip status and improved estimated pick-up times, our partnership with Lyft enables us to proactively resolve service interruptions that have historically plagued the healthcare transportation industry. This is a key step toward ensuring that patients no longer have to worry about missing scheduled medical appointments.”

During an initial pilot, One Call was able to increase the fulfillment of rush requests by 64% when utilizing Lyft’s extensive driver community. This additional fulfillment ability allowed rush case patients to reach their appointments on time, eliminate costly fees typically associated with these trips and lower the cost of care.

“Lyft’s mission has always been to reconnect people and communities through effective transportation. This is no different in healthcare and partnering with One Call furthers our mission,” said Gyre Renwick, head of Healthcare Enterprise Partnerships. “Our system offers One Call’s customers instantaneous metrics and services that are not available when they use other types of transportation or services.”

The integrated One Call and Lyft platform has many added benefits, which include delivery of real-time data, immediate patient feedback, notice of driver delays, elimination of drivers’ wait time during appointments, and a smartphone app. Lyft currently operates in more than 200 cities nationwide, further expanding One Call’s market-leading transportation network.

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