Most Patients Have Received Emails, Texts from Physicians

Healthcare brand strategy consulting and marketing communications firm, Aloft Group, unveiled their “State of Telemedicine: 2017 Telemedicine Industry Growth Forecast,” an assessment and forecast of telemedicine growth and demand, as noted in a press release.

Aloft’s report and analysis is based on exclusive survey data collected in September 2016 (Aloft Group’s Telemedicine Outlook Survey), current industry trends and government regulations, and changing economic demands.

Among the most interesting findings:

  • While 47.7% of respondents (consumers) were not familiar with the term “telemedicine,” it’s likely they have experienced it as 51.4% have received an email of text message from a doctor or clinician.
  • In addition, respondents seemed accepting of the overall concept of telemedicine as 78.5% would be at least somewhat comfortable interacting with a physician via online video or online chat.

“Before this study and resulting analysis, we’ve had a front row seat to the rise of telemedicine through the lens of our clients, and we see that while there are challenges there is huge potential for growth” said Matt Bowen, president and CEO of Aloft Group. “Providers must adopt smart telemedicine strategies especially in this value-based care era and to cater to the influx of millennials coming into the patient population whose communication needs require us to evolve accordingly.”

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