Webinar: All You Need to Know About Healthcare Self Distribution

Findings from the 2016 Edition of the National Survey of Healthcare Provider Consolidated Services Centers in the US


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This webinar seeks to present a clear idea of the exciting new CSC supply chain model that is currently transforming the healthcare provider industry by analyzing research data collected from the 2016 survey of Consolidated Service Centers in the US. This 2016 survey is the third in a series over the last 6 years and was designed to capture both quantitative data and qualitative information about what today’s CSC operators consider, analyze and discover upon implementation of this model.

Participants in the webinar will learn more about the motivations of operators and the researchers in Consolidated Services Centers. If you’re considering adapting the CSC model, this webinar will provide an overview into the scope of services and supply chain structures as well as the pros and cons associated with the system.

Additional topics that will be discussed include value drivers of this supply chain model, the metrics used to drive performance, roles of distributors and procurement organizations in a sustaining supply chain ecosystem, and factors that drive selection of the model.

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Jamie C. KowalskiJamie C. Kowalski, CEO

Jamie C. Kowalski Consulting, LLC; Milwaukee, WI


Lorcan SheehanLorcan Sheehan, CEO

PerformanSC Supply Chain Ltd.; Dublin, Ireland


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Tamer AbourasTamer Abouras

Assistant Editor, ADVANCE Healthcare Network




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