Your Bottom Line

Achieving Your Bottom Line
Insight into a successful outcome based payment plan
By Michael Sherling

Tips for Improving the Bottom Line
By Kerri Hatt

Operational and Financial Efficiencies
Exploring the implications of implementing laboratory automation
By James M. Root, MBA

Reducing Costs With Telehealth
Leveraging technology keeps patients out of the ICU and prevents
readmissions, reducing overall costs
By Manu Varma

An Accurate Risk Matrix
Threats to cybersecurity are a threat to patient safety
By Alisa Kuehn, Ammon Fillmore and Patricia Connelly

Reducing Labor Costs Without Layoffs
Take control of your budget and increase efficiency by updating antiquated systems
By Rich Miller

Establishing an Antibiotic Stewardship Program
Low cost strategies to customize intervention strategies that fit available resources
By Kristi Kuper, PharmD, BCPS

Linking Front-End and Back-End Processes 
Maximizing health information management technologies to improve revenue cycle
By Matt Cox and Todd Gustin

The Physician Leader, Part 1
With population health as the leading construct, healthcare organizations are struggling to rapidly  ransform a system centered around individual physicians, detached practices and RVUs to a cooperative  cosystem centered around the patient.
By Kathy Jordan, president, and Regina Levison, vice president, Jordan Search Consultants

CMS Redefines Telemedicine, Part 1
Telemedicine is about reaching out to patients in remote locations, but limited to videoconferencing between patients and health providers. It is similar to a face-to-face service with the exception that the patient and primary care provider are not physically together.
By Donald Voltz, MD, and Thanh Tran, CEO, Zoeticx

Reengineering the Revenue Cycle
Addressing the rise in patient payment responsibility is a serious concern for healthcare providers.
See how to better estimate costs and stimulate upfront patient payments in order to ensure providers can avoid collection problems and build a solid foundation for an effective revenue cycle management.
By Eric Arnson, SVP of RCM Technology at Emdeon

Understanding and Curbing Infection
Curb the risks of infections, such as Hepatitis C and C. diff by cutting down the time nurses
handle waste and changing the way waste is handled in order to limit exposure from splashes
and spray-back. Employing bedpan washers allows for emptying, cleaning and sanitizing
with a single touch.
By Linda Goss, infection preventionist consultant, MEIKO USA

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