2013 Information Technology Industry Review

Editor’s Note: The following is the extended version of the 2013 Information Technology Industry Review from the February print edition.


Does an LIS supplier really make a difference? Yes, because a great LIS partner understands your unique workflow. For more than 30 years, ASPYRA has remained dedicated to a primary objective: understanding and fulfilling our customers’ needs. ASPYRA’s offerings include an integrated clinical and anatomic pathology solution, flexible standing orders, features for long term care, paperless microbiology, true multi-site capabilities and flexible web access to ensure productivity, compliance with regulations and maximum generation of revenue.

ASPYRA has developed superior data handling and flexible reporting tools around workflow that enables the laboratory information system platform to overcome the challenges laboratories face today. ASPYRA focuses on strengthening their position with clients by partnering with them for growth and prosperity. ASPYRA solutions are there for you when you need them with the flexibility to match your business workflow.

For 2013, our product roadmap includes mobile device support for clients and physicians; order collection enhancements; cost-effective EMR integration and creation; increased professional support levels for system interfaces allowing customers to focus on their day jobs; medication capture from EMRs; and an industry leading multiple EMR Interface engine.

Why ASPYRA? We have offices in the U.S. and U.K.; our standard support is 24/7. We are adaptable during and after your implementation, and our average client retention is over 12 years. We consistently develop and deliver value added features in new releases; are the Best in Class with virtually paperless Microbiology and minimizing revenue leakage; conduct regular focus groups and feedback loops that help drive our product development. In 2010, ASPYRA moved to being a privately held company to focus on customer needs without the constant financial pressures of being public. We are a mature and established company, which maintains a hungry startup mentality.

Our staff are constantly at your disposal including: Our Executive Team – Jim Whitehurst, VP, Sales and Angus Murray, VP and GM of LIS Business Unit; Our Support Team led by Jon Markham; and, Our Customer CARE Team led by Laurie White. Our pledge is to understand and service your uniqueness, because your success is our success.

ClinLab Inc.

Not all lab systems are the same. We excel in a number of vital areas that make a big difference in the ease of use and needed capabilities of the modern lab.

  • Instrument Interfaces: All ClinLab instrument interfaces are automatic and real time.
  • EMR Packages Interface: ClinLab interfaces to the majority of the most popular systems. Your results can go directly into your EMR for an improved patient record.
  • Outreach Web Order Entry/View Results: Comparable to external systems costing 10 times more and are completely integrated into your laboratory system. The package contains result graphing, history and cumulative capabilities.
  • Report Routing: Our software will automatically route reports to the appropriate physicians and additional locations can be added on the fly at order entry time. Any report can be printed or faxed automatically to an unlimited number of destinations.
  • Test Aliasing and Insurance Routing: The system translates test names and based on the insurance requirements then routes it to the appropriate lab as required by the patient’s insurance.
  • Result Entry: Data validation and multiple entry methods. Results are colorized to quickly inform your techs of critical values.
  • Quality Control: ClinLab supports the Westgard Rules validation of Quality Control samples and allows for the creation of your own standards when needed.
  • Reporting: Patient reports can be completely customized to your needs. We have completed reports varying from a standard single page report to color 3 page health fair reports that even suggest ways to improve your health. Capabilities are limited only by your imagination.
  • HL7 Engine: The flexible engine supports patient demographics, orders and results (inbound and outbound) You can electronically send your results to any Physician EMR system.

Other key features include easy lookup system, predetermination of benefits, supervisory review, automated interfaces to reference labs, and automated fax reporting.


Big changes are ahead for the medical industry in 2013 and beyond. Comp Pro Med has made sure that the Polytech LIS is well ahead of the curve. As an example, since Oct 2012 the Polytech LIS has supported the ICD-10 classification system. In preparation for the compliance deadline of October 2014 customer training has already begun. While others are still formulating their transition plans, Comp Pro Med is supplying solutions.

Polytech’s depth of functionality encompasses the entire laboratory. Our experienced and knowledgeable team is dedicated to ensuring that the Polytech LIS serves all of the laboratory disciplines with unmatched quality. Our customers’ satisfaction is our highest priority. This begins with the very design of the Polytech LIS and extends through our commitment to personalized customer support.

Comp Pro Med has been in the LIS business for over 30 years and our only focus is the clinical laboratory. With installations worldwide we are intimately familiar with the information needs of laboratories and stand ready to assist your lab next.

The Polytech LIS is highly customizable and can directly interface with hundreds of instruments, EMRs, reference labs and other healthcare computing solutions. Ease of use has always been a primary focus in the development of the Polytech LIS. As a result, all of the daily work can be done from a single screen, minimizing training and maximizing productivity.

Polytech will allow your lab to meet all federal and state regulations including HIPPA, HITECH and Meaningful Use, so whether you sit on the board or the bench Polytech makes sense.

HEX Laboratory Systems

HEX Laboratory Systems released the latest version of LABHEX LIS in January 2013. With many new features and options, LAB/HEX has a high level of flexibility and scalability to handle all types and sizes of laboratories.

LAB/HEX integrated billing provides an excellent system for independent commercial labs needing financial software along with their LIS. LAB/HEX Billing can be purchased fully integrated with LAB/HEX LIS or it can be interfaced to another LIS. The current HEX release includes the latest ANSI 5010 billing format. HEX is now working on ICD10 for release next year.

LabCentral web portal provides web result delivery, order entry and requisition printing from any internet device. LabCentral has a new look and more features including standing orders.

As EMR interfaces are a major factor in the lab marketplace, HEX has developed a more cost effective way for laboratories to interface to multiple EMR systems. Individual custom EMR interfaces are also available.

HEX can install a new system within weeks; can install a new analyzer interface within days and can fix most problems the same day. HEX has support staff 24/7 and phones that are answered by live people. Get software and service you can count on.


For more than 178 years, McKesson has led the healthcare industry in the delivery of medicines and healthcare products to physician offices, pharmacies and hospitals. McKesson is a Fortune 14 company with more than 35 years of laboratory information solution experience and world-class support. We are committed to helping organizations improve patient safety, productivity and profitability. Horizon Lab™, an integrated solution for all laboratory settings, assists in automating the entire laboratory process: order entry, point-of-care specimen collection, specimen management, analytic operations, information distribution, and financial and business performance management. The solution suite also includes optional applications for Blood Bank, point-of-care phlebotomy, outreach services, outreach financials and a management analytics package which provides an intuitive dashboard with extensive drill-down capabilities for laboratory operations management.

Horizon Lab has been implemented in more than 275 facilities in North America and delivers over 1.7 billion results each year to caregivers in various clinical roles. With between 70-80% of all clinical decisions relying on laboratory data to assist in the diagnose of disease or to monitor chronic conditions, Horizon Lab is a critical component of McKesson’s Better Health 2020™ initiative. Through this initiative, McKesson is helping our customers use information technology strategically to enable better business, better care and better connectivity throughout this decade.

From a laboratory information systems perspective, in 2012 McKesson’s Horizon Lab™ release 13.4 received EHR modular certification, deeming the software capable of enabling providers to attest to meet the Stage 1 meaningful use measures required to qualify for funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). In addition, this release supports ICD-10 coding in preparation for the October 1, 2014 adoption date.

In 2013, McKesson’s Horizon Lab development initiatives will be focused on the requirements to address ARRA directives as well as general workflow and integration enhancements. Any descriptions of future functionality reflect current product direction, are for informational purposes only and do not constitute a commitment to provide specific functionality. Timing and availability remain at McKesson’s discretion and are subject to change and applicable regulatory approvals.

Orchard Software

The healthcare arena is undergoing immense change. Integrated diagnostics, personalized medicine, Meaningful Use, ICD-10, LOINC, Affordable Care Act, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), and Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMHs) are converging and driving the change. As payment models transform from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement, the laboratory’s role becomes even more essential to successful healthcare reform.

This future in healthcare requires more than just an LIS. To effectively perform their role in the future of healthcare, laboratories will need a strategic, long-term partner, focused on the diagnostic laboratory and the structure of the data it provides. They need a lab informatics partner and integration expert who understands the need for structured diagnostic data for analytics and the development of treatment protocols. Orchard’s success comes from our focus on the laboratory and on the changes in healthcare and from our commitment to partner with our customers to develop, deliver, integrate and support the very best diagnostic laboratory information systems on the market.

As advances in molecular and genetic testing continue at an astonishing pace, the defining lines between laboratory disciplines begin to blur. To meet the challenges of integrated diagnostics, Orchard® Pathology offers an all-inclusive diagnostic information system (DIS) for clinical, cytology, molecular and anatomic pathology. Structured diagnostic data, discrete and codified, is essential to the future of healthcare and the development and utilization of personalized medicine. Orchard’s systems use configurable worksheets with established templates, drop-down menus, protocols, diagnoses and coding that produce standardized data in discrete data fields. This enables synoptic reporting and EHR integration and simplifies data mining for analytics and business intelligence reporting.

With Meaningful Use and healthcare changing toward the accountable care delivery model, organizations will need to bring multiple healthcare testing sites together, providing a centralized repository of data and offering remote access. Orchard® Copia® is a robust SQL Lab/EHR integration engine designed to link multiple lab sites and serve as a central hub and results repository. To capture and effectively manage Point-of-Care (POC) testing, Orchard® Trellis provides an electronic bridge for orders and results between remote, POC analyzers and the EHR.

As the lab’s function solidifies as the integrator of diagnostic information and the provider of critical insights, the laboratory role will no longer be ancillary, but be a critical part of the diagnostic care management team, making a collaborative DIS partner even more instrumental to success in the new healthcare forum.

Psyche Systems Corp.

Psyche Systems Corporation has focused exclusively on delivering laboratory information software to hospitals, clinics, reference and private labs since 1976. It is this unwavering focus on serving our customer base that has enabled us to maintain strong customer loyalty and deliver on our commitment to high quality products and services. Psyche Systems’ laboratory information software are best-of-breed products designed to meet the specific needs of anatomic pathology, clinical, and molecular laboratories. We work closely with our customer base during product development to ensure we are delivering the highest quality products and services at a competitive price.

  • WindoPath – WindoPath is a highly advanced, full-featured anatomic pathology information system with a modular, customizable design.
  • WindoPath CliniCAL – Clinical LIS solution for labs of all types and sizes, built on the functionality, database and utilizing the same core product of our award winning WindoPath AP LIS. This provides clinical labs with the proven and award winning, functionality and track record that our AP LIS is known for. It also enables AP or clinical labs to have the ability to expand their test menus, while providing a completely seamless, full history and view of each patient and case, including truly combined report capabilities.
  • WPTox – An LIS purpose-built for drug and toxicology labs. WPTox is designed to follow the unique and specific workflow and requirements of toxicology and/or pain management testing facilities. It comes complete with pre-built, focused report formats and evaluation capabilities.
  • e.outreach – You can offer your customers the ability to order a full range of clinical, pathology and molecular tests. Simply and securely. With the click of a mouse – then give them the ability to route the orders directly to the appropriate testing location and to receive the reports back, customized and in the manner they prefer.
  • MicroPath – MicroPath is a purpose-built, full-featured, easy to use and affordable microbiology application. MicroPath was built in conjunction with microbiologists to ensure that it meets the specific needs and workflow for microbiologists. Microbiology processing no longer needs to be a manual or cumbersome process.
  • EMR II – a new way to connect all of your physician office EMR and Practice Management systems to your lab, without the cost and complexity of traditional interfacing methods. This dynamic Internet-based process exchanges demographic, billing, order, and result data from your clients’ EMR systems with your Hospital or Laboratory Information System.

Sunquest Information Systems

Sunquest is committed to providing solutions that respond to the changing needs of providers in the laboratory and pathology space and is moving into 2013 with strong momentum.

In Summer 2013, Sunquest Molecular will be released. It is designed to integrate with Sunquest Laboratory and bring molecular testing into the clinical setting by utilizing lab functionality. This solution will manage the complex workflow of molecular testing, replacing paper-based systems to manage inventory, quality and lab-developed tests.

Sunquest Laboratory 7.2 will also be released this summer, with changes including a GUI interface for all resulting and more flexibility in comments to support interpretation of results. Reflex orders will be available across lab modules and enhancements to Advanced Labeling will allow laboratories to easily meet CLSI labeling requirements.

In anatomic pathology, Sunquest’s AP LIS system automates the lab workflow to deliver safe, efficient and consistent specimen handling. Sunquest Diagnostic Intelligence provides an easy-to-use solution with drill-down information analysis capabilities and delivers dashboard-like metric comparisons of real-time scalable information for lab decision makers.

Sunquest’s Point-of-Care solutions, Collection Manager and Transfusion Manager, continue to solve the need for specimen and blood collection and transfusion verification at the bedside. These solutions are proven to increase patient safety and lab efficiency by promoting a zero error culture through a true closed-loop process.

Sunquest will also continue to lead the industry in Meaningful Use developments and partner with hospitals and physicians to meet regulatory requirements. We also maintain our mission to provide client education and support through webinars and thought leadership opportunities.

It is our mission to provide fast-paced, accurate pathology and laboratory results to caregivers so they can make the best treatment decisions and deliver improved outcomes for their patients. In addition, it is our duty to respond to the changing needs of healthcare, supporting our clients through sophisticated and expert solutions that are derived from a deep understanding of workflows, the needs of pathologists, laboratorians and laboratory medicine. We recognize that standard capabilities will not be sufficient to deliver transformational outcomes.

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