ADVANCE for Administrators of the Laboratory eMagazine, July 2016

July 2016


IgE Allergy Testing
Pros, cons and the promise of diagnostic advances across the U.S.

Hematological Malignancies
For hematologists, blood cancers present the ultimate challenge

The Cornerstones of Trust
Privacy and security in the healthcare and biopharma industries

Lab Automation in Stem Cell Research
Cell culture automation is critical to cell therapy development

Target Enrichment For NGS
An expanding toolbox for biomedical research

Liquid Biopsies
Harnessing the power of next-gen sequencing to provide clinical utility

Who Performs the Test?
Laboratory experts examine point-of-care testing

IQCP Answers, Part 2
Application of Excel templates to aid in validating analytical methods


On Record
In the Face Of Tragedy

The Molecular Edge
Lessons in the Core Lab Model

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