ADVANCE for Administrators of the Laboratory eMagazine, March 2016

March 2016


Work Area Managers
Predicting the future of laboratory information systems

Biomarkers & Remote Access
How wearables and smartphone apps are aiding the lab

Solutions for 21st Century Accreditation Challenges
Keeping pace with the latest developments in technology, regulatory requirements, payer policies and healthcare delivery models

New Diagnostic Tools for TB
Improving accuracy and speed in identification and monitoring

Projections for the Hematology Market
Genomic insights into blood diseases foretell improved outcomes

Pharmacogenetics From Concept to Reality
Integrating with existing technology can improve patient care and provide a low-risk entry into personalized medicine

Point-of-Care Testing: Today and Tomorrow
POCT continues to expand, and its future is bright


On Record
Acknowledge & Inspire

Perspectives in Pathology
Tissue Phenomics

The Molecular Edge
MDx & Hemophilia

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