ADVANCE for Administrators of the Laboratory eMagazine, November 2016

November 2016


Advances in Pediatric Tumor Analysis & Immunotherapy
The future is now when it comes to hematology and pediatrics.

Automation & Lab Productivity
As labs adapt new testing techniques, the role of automation will grow.

Make Insightful Decisions
Use clinical informatics management tool data to optimize operations.

Change in FluMist Recommendations
A previously preferred alternative to injectable flu vaccines is now ineffective

Laboratory Management of POCT
Thorough evaluation and stewardship by the laboratory are necessary before and during implementation.

Multidrug Resistant E. Coli
Researchers identify new strain of drug resistant bacteria.

Advances in NGS
Increased access and decreased costs lead to larger role in clinical and research laboratories.

A Review of LCMS
This versatile analytical chemistry technique has exciting potential for growth.

Lab Recommendations for HIV Testing
Wider use of fourth-generation tests may help improve outcomes.


On Record
Confirmation Bias

The Molecular Edge
In LDT Debate, Patient Needs Should Come First

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