The Four Big Don’ts of Job Searching

According to CareerBuilder, the average company receives between 50 and 75 applications for each open position. In fact, some corporate positions may receive 200 applications. How can you make sure your application makes it through the screening process? By making a great first impression.

Don’t get eliminated early on. Avoiding these job search don’ts can help you get an interview.

1. Don’t Forget to Proofread
What’s the quickest way to get disqualified from a position? Typos. A CareerBuilder study reported that 61% of employers automatically disqualify resumes that have even a single typo.

Before submitting any materials to a potential employer, remember to proofread. Make sure your resume and cover letter are grammatically correct with accurate spelling and punctuation.

Be on the lookout for misspelled or misused words a spellchecker may not catch. Check out this article from Yahoo Shine for a list of common errors that your spellchecker could miss.

2. Don’t Lapse on Your Searches
Searching for jobs can be incredibly frustrating. If you’ve been looking for a while and haven’t had any luck, it’s easy to justify taking a break. But even doing that for just a few days can result in missed opportunities.

When a new job is posted online, the first application is typically received within 200 seconds. Let’s say you stumble upon the perfect job two weeks after it was posted. By the time you submit your application, this employer has been bombarded with resumes and probably has a good pool of candidates set up for interviews already. The later you send in an application, the less likely you are to get the job.

Plus, think of all the great jobs you could be missing entirely! In the few days you took off from job hunting, the entire hiring process-from posting the position and screening applications to interviewing candidates and making the offer-could have been completed . and you never even saw the position.

Instead, try to designate a specific amount of time each day for job hunting. Many job boards, including ADVANCE Healthcare Jobs, let you set up job alerts so you can stay up-to-date with the latest postings. Sticking to a schedule and setting up job alerts will help to ensure you don’t miss any golden opportunities. It also takes some of the “job” out of job searching!

3. Don’t Get Sloppy With Social Media
Social media can be your best friend or worst enemy when you’re searching for jobs. On one hand, social media can help you connect with other professionals and notify your network of friends that you’re looking for a new position. Some job boards, like ADVANCE Healthcare Jobs, allow you to share job opportunities with your friends via social media. If you follow business you’d like to work for, you can learn more about the company. You might even get lucky and stumble upon open positions on their social media accounts.

Whether you’re planning on incorporating social media into your job search or not, you still need to make sure what you share on all of your accounts is appropriate. According to a CareerBuilder report, 43% of companies use social media when screening candidates. Keep your posts inoffensive. To help make a better impression on potential employers, it’s also a good idea to make sure your spelling and grammar is correct.

Most social media sites allow you to keep some or all of your information private. Make sure you fully understand the privacy policies for each of your social media accounts and use them to your advantage. If you have a questionable photo or post on one of your accounts, make it private. If you can’t make it private, take it down or make the entire account private.

4. Don’t Have a Bad Attitude
No employer wants to hire someone with a nasty attitude. In fact, having a great attitude can help you get ahead in the work place. That’s why it’s so important to stay optimistic throughout your job search and never let potential employers see any negativity.

While you’re proofreading your resume, cover letter and any other application materials, also check to make sure your tone is positive. No matter how rough your situation, don’t bemoan your circumstances. Don’t ever bad mouth a previous employer, either. Your application is a reflection of you, and maintaining a positive tone shows employers that you will be a valuable asset to their team.

Likewise, if any of your social media accounts are public, make sure everything you post has a positive tone. Don’t use Facebook or Twitter or any other social media account to vent about annoying co-workers and bosses. You never know who else is reading your posts.

Ready to make a great first impression? Steer clear of the 4 big job search don’ts to get noticed … and hired! What are you waiting for? Start your search now at ADVANCE Healthcare Jobs. Our job board has great open positions and our Resume Builder service is available to help you easily set up your resume or cover letter.


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