5 Ways Social Media Can Enhance Your Nursing Career

social media nusing

Many people consider social media to be a mind-numbing waste of time. And while it’s true that it can be easy to goof off on social media, there are benefits to it as well. Plenty of nurses have already realized that social media can offer a great way to connect with other nurses online. Social media can also enhance your nursing career.

1. Community

Community is at the very crux of social media, and nurses can use social media to connect with others for many reasons, including learning about specialties, getting advice on handling a difficult job situation, or commiserating with other nurses about job stress. Without geographic barriers, it can be easier than ever to connect with a tribe that can help you grow both as a person as well as a nurse.

AllNurses has a forum where you can connect with other nurses, read articles on the latest medical topics as they pertain to nurses, and check out downloadable magazines. There are specific areas on the site for nurses as well as students. Other popular nursing sites include Mighty Nurse, EverydayNurses, Nurse.com, and others.

2. Referrals

Chances are, you are not working the same job or nursing specialty today as when you started your career. There are many options available to nurses, but sometimes it can be tough to get your foot in the door. Sites such as LinkedIn provide you with a way to connect with nurses who are working in a specialty in which you are interested. It’s also a great way to get in contact with recruiters who can help you find job openings.

3. Continuing Education

If you are a nurse, chances are you are familiar with continuing education, but it doesn’t always mean going back to school. Social media gives you the opportunity to stay in a constant state of learning. There are sites that cover current nursing news, the latest advances in nursing care, and where you should purchase your next stethoscope. You can also join groups on Facebook that are specifically targeted to nurses.

4. Support

Whether you are a student needing help staying motivated or a long-time career nurse going through a stressful time, you can connect with other nurses online to help keep you on track. No one understands what a nurse goes through more than other nurses, and connecting with them can give you a boost and help you achieve your goals. Even if you are just having a bad day, reaching out to other nurses can cheer you up and give you a good feeling, knowing you are not alone.

5. Stress Relief

Who says you need to be serious all the time? Take a look at the lighter side of nursing with sites such as Nurstoon, Nurses Direct, and NursingFun.

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