Day 6 of Nurses Month: Happy National Nurses Day!

Nurses Month Day 6

You’ve been taking care of others. It’s our turn to take care of you.

As we celebrate National Nurses Day, Elite Healthcare thought it would be the perfect time to share some sincere peer inspiration. A few months ago we asked your colleagues why they loved being nurses and received over 150 amazing responses.

Below is just a sampling of the feedback Elite received. Every response is indicative of the heart and compassion that bolsters and defines the nursing profession and reminds all of us why we celebrate and support these incredible professionals.

Why do you love being a nurse?

I love being a nurse because I get to make a difference in someone’s life. There is nothing more satisfying to me then when a family member comes to me and says ‘thank you for taking care of my loved one’.

I love my patients!

I just love being able to help people and I work as a school nurse and I just feel like all 670 students are ‘my kids’. I love them and want to see them be successful. I have always wanted to be a nurse. It is my dream job. I was able to help a 14 year-old student through her pregnancy this year and got to be in the delivery room when her daughter was born. It is a day I will never forget.

I love giving my heart to people in need who can’t help themselves and the reward of seeing someone achieve their goal whether it is beating cancer, walking again or doing something for themselves that we all take for granted.

I love working on night shift and spending one-on-one time helping families care for their premature or sick babies in the NICU before they return to their homes or rooms to rest.

The impact that our profession has on patients and families is the most rewarding feeling. It makes it worth it every day!

I love seeing the look on peoples’ faces when you help them or a family member figure out what is causing them pain and then devising a plan to help them overcome the pain, and get back to living their lives better than before they came to me.

Always changing, always growing. Never boring.

I like helping people when they are in need the most.

Serving others is my passion. Everyone needs a presence when they are dealing with illness, either acute or chronic. As a nurse, I am present, sometimes without words.

I love helping folks! I love hearing their histories. I love being that person there for them.

I like helping people better understand the things that scare them the most.

I love my profession, it is empowering and satisfying.

I love being a nurse because it helps to make a difference in someone’s life whether it be providing medical care or just being there to provide support.

I love being involved in the care of people! I think being able to educate families and providing comfort to others is the best! Nursing chose me.

Nursing is a rewarding profession.

I love sharing the experience of helping families, in seeing the smiles on a little kids face and the relief on a parents when they realize they have someone there to help them.

I love being a nurse because I get to share my love with others.

I love getting to know my elders for who they really are and listen to their stories about their experiences throughout their lives, getting to be there and comfort them, sometimes cry with them, and love them like family.

I love making a difference in people’s lives in a very scary time.

Caring for people and the return is gratitude from patients and family.

It gives me joy.

I love being a nurse because I am able to care for others, and know at the end of the day I made a difference in someone’s else’s life.

I love taking care of others, teaching them how to care of themselves or their loved ones and their happiness when they master something and want to learn more.

I love people.

I enjoy caring for others and watching them progress back to their normal ways of life.

I love taking care of people who truly need care of the body and soul.

I love educating patients.

I love being part of a team that helps improve quality of life. Rewarding!

Because people deserve love and compassion when they are at their worst. I have been at the bedside for over 34 years and I still have passion for my profession. Even when life experiences have let me down nursing has always been the rock that sustains me!!!

Helping others emotionally, mentally and physically. After 31 years, I still love my job!

It’s a rewarding, selfless occupation.

Why do you love being a nurse? It’s all about people, helping them when they are the most vulnerable. Being there for the patient/family, providing comfort, compassion and education.

I love helping people!

I come from a family of health care workers. My grandmother was a nurse, I have 2 aunts that are PA’s and my uncle is a Physician. I love being a nurse, getting to know my patient and seeing them get better.

I love being a nurse because it provides me with the opportunity to care for people in many ways including physically, emotionally and mentally. Being a nurse provides me the opportunity to share my talents in so many ways.

I love being a nurse because it allows me daily opportunities to enrich someone else’s life.

I love being a nurse because I know personally know how it feels to really hurt. I became a nurse because I made a promise to God that I would become the best nurse I could be if he healed my son of leukemia. He healed him completely and kept his word, so I kept my word as well. It’s been 54 years.

Helping people has always been my passion and this is the best avenue for it. I love being able to help others who cannot provide those things for themselves. Therapeutic communication is my favorite way to help reassure a patient. Knowing they trust me to provide care for them warms my heart.

Being able to put a smile on a sick persons face is what makes it all worthwhile. Being able to teach nursing students to become competent, safe, caring nurses is my way of giving back to the community.

I am honored to be working with other amazing nurses.

Thank you for everything that you do.

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