Cold and Flu Season Crossword

1. Average number of days for a cold to clear up
6. Often confused with a cold
9. What causes a cold
14. Use this to help stop the spread of colds and flu
16. These will help soften the blow when you’re sick
17. This doesn’t exist for a cold
19. This can be a complication of the flu
20. Nasal sprays can cause this (2 words)
21. This home remedy can help ease your congestion
22. This causes most colds
23. Giving children aspirin to treat a cold has been associated with this (2 words)
24. Get this every year to help avoid the flu
25. Another treatment option (2 words)
26. This won’t help you if you have a cold
27. Use this natural remedy instead to help prevent the answer to 25 (2 words)

1. Rare in a cold, this symptom might mean you have the flu
2. How you feel when you have the flu
3. Mom might give you this (2 words)
4. A symptom of the cold
5. Another cold symptom (2 words)
7. Have more of this as part of treating your cold
8. Pharmaceutical treatment for the flu
10. How a cold or flu can make your muscles feel
11. Colds can make you more susceptible to this
12. Frequently doing this helps avoid getting & spreading your cold (3 words
13. Simple treatment option (3 words)
15. Help open bronchial tubes with this oil from Down Under
18. This treatment option can have side effects

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