Intimate Lightening: Using A Revolutionary Transdermal Delivery System

Intimate lightening is the process of improving the cosmetic appearance of the skin surrounding the vulva, groin, upper inner thighs, and anal area. As aesthetic procedures like laser hair removal, Brazilian waxing, and radiofrequency vaginal rejuvenation become increasingly popular, patients discover undesired, excessive pigmentation and uneven skin tones where the skin color is darker than the rest of their body. The darker the skin type, the darker pigmentation can develop. One of the most common causes of increased pigmentation is friction from clothing.

Around 2005, the adult entertainment industry inspired and popularized anal and vulvar bleaching. Many patients aware of their increased pigmentation felt self-conscious with intimacy, especially when re-entering the dating scene.

Intimate lightening, often referred to as anal or vulvar bleaching, is usually performed in a spa setting using mild fruit acids and other bleaching agents. Medical spa settings may use stronger acids and solutions. Extreme caution needs to be taken using acids and other bleaching agents due to potential risk of burning and irritation. These can increase pigmentation, discoloration, and scarring. Cases of scars resulting from strictures of the peri-anal skin, which cause tears at the anal opening, have been reported. Severe cases have led to rectal/fetal incontinence.

A revolutionary technology using dermoelectroporation (Collagenizer II) for transdermal delivery of macro-molecules has been a well-accepted, comfortable, and effective method to lightening skin surrounding the vulva, groin, upper inner thigh, and anus without the use of harsh chemicals.

Dermoelectroporation technology utilizes the skin’s water-based intercellular channels to promote transdermal delivery. This technology is different than electrophoresis, microcurrent, and galvanic devices with its unique, continuous, and low-reversed polarity current. The Collagenizer II increases the skin’s permeability to allow transdermal delivery of micro-molecules and macro-molecules for the first time. It is noninvasive with long-lasting effects.

Intimate lightening is performed using the Collagenizer II for transdermal delivery of an oil-soluble, stable, bio-available form of vitamin C, nonapeptide-1, and arbutin—a lightening and brightening property made from a combination of bearberry, cranberry, blueberry, and mushroom extracts. This solution does not contain hydroquinone or kojic acid as bleaching agents. Some controversy surrounds using hydroquinone and kojic acid due to concerns of carcinogenicity and mutagenicity in certain animal studies. They are banned in some countries.

Intimate lightening takes about 15 minutes per treatment. The results are effective, long-lasting, and can be maintained. A series of 6 treatments performed weekly, followed by monthly maintenance treatments, and a daily application is recommended. Darker pigmentation may require more treatments.

Patients who desire intimate lightening now have a noninvasive, safe, gentle, pain-free option to obtain a more even tone and brighter skin, providing long-lasting results that can be maintained and improve their confidence with intimacy.

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