Nurse Salary Guide 2019: An Elite Healthcare Resource Guide

Nursing Salary Guide

Welcome to the 2019 Nurse Salary Guide

So How Much Do RNs Make in 2019?

Nurse Practitioner Salary, Registered Nurse Salary and LPN Salary information available in this comprehensive guide.

For the 12th straight year, Elite took an in-depth at RN salary information this past summer. We work to determine the average nurse salary by state, specialty, years of experience, and various other categories.

A few highlights of the survey follow:

Nurse Salary: California leads the way by state

With exactly 1,500 responses coming from the Golden State, California was one of our most popular states of residence for respondents, second only to Florida.

California RNs also enjoyed the highest average salary at $97,283.

Salaries by Specialty

We often receive questions from readers like “what is an average pediatric nurse salary?” It’s difficult to answer that question without proper data, which is why we poll so many different specialties. This survey includes answers on everything from average ER nurse salary and ICU nurse salary to this year’s most popular question, “how much do nurse practitioners make?”

Salaries by Facility Types, Job Titles and Practice Settings

Nonprofits offered the highest RN salaries, but nurses working in government weren’t far behind. Nurse Anesthetists enjoyed especially high salaries, but we also gathered statistics for nurse administrators and other positional leadership.

Salaries by Education and Certification

What degree do you need to become a nurse? The answers are long and numerous, but our results clearly showed that nurses with higher degrees, in turn, earn higher salaries. RNs with certifications in geriatrics, home health, and other areas also can expect higher compensation.

Lifestyle and Work/Life Balance

We found that nurses are willing to commute long distances for the right career opportunity… but what makes for the best opportunity? According to our readers, it’s a combination of benefits (medical or otherwise), work/life balance, and of course, fair compensation.

Staying in One Job vs. Looking for New Opportunities

How long does the average nurse stay in one job? Some 74 percent of our answers came from professionals who say they prefer to stay at least five years in a job.

Working as a virtual nurse is an opportunity that seems to appeal to everyone, but especially mid-career professionals.

Best Nursing Career Specialties

We also found information on the best fields to focus on for aspiring nurses over the next several years.

All this information, plus salaries for RNs by gender, age, and other classifications are available in our 2019 Nursing Salary Survey. Enjoy!

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