Oregon-based nurses approve new contract after eight months of negotiations

New contract increases wages by 6–9.5 percent

After more than eight months of negotiations, nurses at Providence Medford Medical Center voted to approve a new contract agreement Saturday.

The 287 nurses at the hospital are represented by the Oregon Nurses Association, who released a statement following the agreement claiming the agreement will improve patient care and increase local nurse retention and recruitment.

Nurses led an informational picket in April, bringing in more than 200 nurses and supporters.

“It’s been inspiring to see nurses and community members stand side-by-side throughout this process to advocate for better health care and a stronger workforce,” said Christalyn Matlock, a local ONA nurse and negotiating team member at Providence Medford Medical Center. “This is a real victory for our community.”

According to ONA, the new two-year agreement:

  • Improves patient care and safety by allowing nurse experts to set training standards for nurses who float to multiple units
  • Raises health standards by increasing certification pay for nurses with specialized training
  • Helps Medford attract and retain skilled nurses by adopting a more competitive wage scale
  • Creates a better work-life balance through collaborative scheduling plans
  • Integrates new nurses into the health care team quickly

ONA said the agreement also takes steps to attract and keep skilled nurses by increases wages 6 to 9.5 percent, based on nurses’ experience, over the length of the contract.

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