Tried-and-True Burnout Beaters

Tired women healthcare workers are sitting in masks in corridor. Burnout of healthcare workers concept

Three strategies to stop burnout before it happens

From physical exhaustion to compassion fatigue, the symptoms of professional burnout can have a profound impact not only on you, but also on your patients, clients, and loved ones.

If you find yourself frequently overwhelmed and overextended, take a moment to pause and practice these helpful tips for combating burnout.

Tip 1: Know your limits
The truth is, you can’t pour from an empty cup. While it may feel like the right thing to give 100% at all times, make sure to reserve time to relax and refresh yourself without external commitments.

Tip 2: Be present
When you find your thoughts drifting back to work during your downtime, take a few moments for mindfulness meditation.

Tip 3: Call for backup
When we take on too much instead of asking for help, the possibility of burnout increases. In your daily routine, look for tasks you can delegate.

Looking for more ways to fight burnout? Explore useful wellness principles and practices in our course, Mindfulness for Healthcare Professionals.

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