2017 Conferences on Imaging and Radiology

Where and when you can find conferences on imaging and radiology in 2017

Radiology Life wants to keep radiology and medical imaging professionals in the know regarding upcoming conferences related to the profession in the United States. Below you will find a list of conferences slated to occur in 2017.

Let us know of additional conferences in the comments or by emailing us.


40th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Neuroimaging: Neuroimaging for Precision Medicine and Health
Jan. 19-22, 2017
Los Angeles, Calif.


Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR) 20th Annual Scientific Sessions
Feb. 1-4, 2017
Washington, D.C.

American Society of Spine Radiology (ASSR) 2017 Annual Symposium
Feb. 23-26, 2017
San Diego, Calif.


Society of Interventional Radiology SIR 2017
March 4-9, 2017
Washington, D.C.

National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements 2017 Annual Meeting
March 6-7, 2017
Bethesda, Md.

24th Annual Radiology in the Desert
March 6-10, 2017
Scottsdale, Ariz.

Society of Skeletal Radiology SSR 2017 Annual Meeting
March 19-22, 2017
Santa Barbara, Calif.

SAR — The SAR 2017 Annual Scientific Meeting and Educational Course
March 26-31, 2017
Hollywood, Fla.


American Society of Neuroradiology 55th  Annual Meeting
April 22-27, 2017
Long Beach, Calif.

ARRS 2017 Annual Meeting
April 30-May 5, 2017
New Orleans, La,


Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) 2017 Annual Meeting
June 1-3, 2017
Pittsburgh, Pa.

World Congress of Thoracic Imaging 2017
June 18-21, 2017
Boston, Mass.


Society of Computed Body Tomography & Magnetic Resonance SCBT-MR
Sept. 9-13, 2017
Nashville, Tenn.


American Society of Clinic Radiologists 2017 Annual Meeting
Oct. 5-7, 2017
Cleveland, Ohio

IEEE NSS/MIC 2017 — IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging 2017
Oct. 21-28, 2017
Atlanta, Ga.

Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound 2017
Oct. 27-29, 2017
Chicago, Ill.


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