Less Than Half of Professionals Trust Their Employer

A new EY survey reveals less than half of global respondents have a “great deal of trust” in their current employers, bosses or colleagues.

According to an EY article, the consulting company surveyed approximately 9,800 adults aged 19 to 68 who are employed full-time across a variety of companies in Brazil, China, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, the UK and the US. EY also surveyed more than 3,200 younger adults—Generation Z, aged 16 to 18—to understand how these soon-to-be professionals’ perceptions of trust might influence their future employment decisions.

Findings show:

  • Less than half of global professionals trust their employer, boss or team/colleagues. Less than half of global respondents have a “great deal of trust” in their current employers (46%), boss or team/colleagues (both 49%).
  • The top five factors leading to respondents’ lack of trust in their employers were: unfair employee compensation, unequal opportunity for pay and promotion, lack of leadership, high employee turnover and a work environment not conducive to collaboration.
  • The leading aspects that were “very important” to a majority of global respondents in determining the level of trust to place in their employers were: “Delivers on promises” (67%); “Provides job security” (64%); “Provides fair compensation and good benefits” (63%); “Communicates openly/transparently” (59%); There was a tie for fifth place between “provides equal opportunity for pay and promotion for all people regardless of differences” and “operates ethically” (both 57%).

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