2015 Speech and Hearing Professionals Salary Survey Results, Part 1

Average speech and hearing professionals’ salaries by employment status, employment setting and age

Nearly 1,400 professionals from across the country participated in our 2015 salary survey. Like last year, we asked for an exact salary amount instead of a salary range. A total of 1,370 respondents contributed through the ADVANCE for Speech & Hearing Professionals website between Nov. 10, 2015, and Feb. 29, 2016.

The average salary for all survey takers was $62,259. The most ‘typical’ survey respondent is female, works full-time in a school setting as a staff SLP, has worked in the field for about 5 years, and makes $50,737 on average.

While SLPs in the school setting make up half of our survey takers, they didn’t report the highest pay. In fact, they reported the lowest average salary of $58,567. Practitioners in community/home health make 30% more than clinicians in the schools.

By age, our respondents included 31% percent in their 20s, and nearly 60% under 40 years old. Respondents in their 60s make about 41% more than those new to the field. Salaries increased with age in our salary as well, up 15% at the 30-year mark, and then between 6% and 8% for every 10-year increment after that.

The following downloadable PDFs present the data in much greater detail, both on a national and regional level. Check out Part 1 of the salary survey results categorized by employment status, setting and age.
More results are rolling out in April, so check back soon!

We would like to thank each and every professional who participated in our survey and made these insights a reality!

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