APTA Involved in Development of New Pain Management Playbook

Program is part of national initiative to slow opioid abuse

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) recently joined a national partnership aimed towards adjusting health care’s approach to pain management.

The National Quality Partners Playbook: Opioid Stewardship is the product of a National Quality Forum (NQF) action team made up of more than 40 representatives of different national health care organizations. For their part, APTA was represented by Alice Bell, PT, DPT, senior payment specialist for APTA.

The playbook describes seven fundamental actions that authors hope will shepherd health care practices away from the overuse of opioids for noncancer pain. Those actions include:

  • Promoting leadership commitment and culture that support non-opioid pain treatments and demonstrates that support through allocation of resources
  • Implementing organizational policies to support evidence-based approaches to multimodal pain management
  • Advancing clinical knowledge, expertise, and practice to ensure that clinicians understand the science of pain and techniques for patient communication
  • Enhancing patient and family caregiver education and engagement around pain management and the risks of opioids
  • Tracking, monitoring, and reporting performance data on opioid prescribing, patient-reported outcomes, and adverse events
  • Establishing accountability around communicating and maintaining “a culture of opioid stewardship”
  • Supporting collaboration with community leaders and stakeholders to achieve maximum impact

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