Course Title: Basic Watsu

texas children's hosiptal

Dates: March 27-28, 2020

Course Description:

Watsu is a water therapy developed by Harold Dull to create a unique blend of Zen Shiatsu and yogic stretches designed to free the body in water.  Basic Watsu is an experiential course, which introduces Watsuchanics (body mechanics in water).  In order to focus on connecting to the breath and presence, students are led through all the moves without being required to memorize a sequence.

In this course, students will learn to move various body types through a smooth, flowing 20-30 minute sequencing of Watsu’s basic positions and holds.

  1. Opening moves that are gentle and slow that begin the session and can be adapted to use with each client;
  2. More dynamic moves that explore range, mobility, and stretch and can be adapted for each client;
  3. Closing moves that bring the client into a space of completion, and an increased connection to earth and self.

Course Location:

The Blue Lagune Therapy

1115 Avenue D

Katy, Texas 77494

Course Fee: $675.00

Contact: 832-826-6311


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