iHear Medical Announces New Partnership

Deal will increase availability of first home hearing screener

iHear Medical just announced a brand-new partnership with with FSAstore.com, a collaboration that will allow for wider availability of the iHear Test, the FDA’s first approved home hearing test.

Patients will be offered reimbursement through flexible spending accounts (FSAs).

The iHear Test has shown the ability to accurately assess individuals’ hearing ability, using a scale of scores from 1–5 in each ear, based on guidelines set forth by the World Health Organization. Anyone who suspects they or a loved one may have a hearing loss now has the ability to purchase the iHear Test and be reimbursed through an available FSA. Today’s partnership eases patient accessibility.

“We are excited that the iHearTest is now offered at FSAstore.com,” said Adnan Shennib, founder and president of iHear Medical. “For people living with hearing loss, the availability of the iHearTest at this leading online retail outlet will offer additional access to our breakthrough hearing screening technology.”

By partnering with FSAstore.com specifically, iHear Medical has taken the guesswork out of the reimbursement process for patients. As the name suggests, any product available through the website is eligible for reimbursement through a flexible spending account.

SOURCE: iHear Medical

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