New Technology Changing the Game for Athletes

Post-injury recovery made simpler by DorsaVi

If it’s good enough for the New England Patriots, it’s probably good enough for you and me.

It’s DorsaVi, a wearable sensor technology invented in Australia and now becoming widely available in the United States. Using DorsaVi allows recovering patients and athletes to undergo a short (approximately 20 minutes) examination to allow ‘physiological surveillance’ as one therapist called it—a more accurate assessment of what’s happening with a patient.

Patients wear a couple of wireless sensors placed on each leg and the lower back while they are lead through a simple but strenuous series of exercises, such as front and side planks and hopping up, down and sideways.

The sensors measure movements like twists, turns, bends, symmetry, speed and even G-Force. The information collected during each 60-second movement set is then sent to a computer program monitored by a medical professional.

Using tiny accelerometers, magnetometers and gyroscopes located within the sensors, the technology sees and reports intricacies within the body that aren’t always visible to the human eye.

What does this have to do with the Patriots? The team and other college and professional organizations are using DorsaVi not only for rehab, but injury prevention as well. The sensors can be placed on a healthy athlete and provide feedback about any movement patterns that can be improved in hopes of avoiding future injury.

Athletes can also find motivation when seeing improving numbers, as they prepare to return to play after an injury.

SOURCE: Louisville Courier-Journal

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