AOTA, Occupational Therapy Profession Celebrate OT Month

April sees national celebrations of the profession

April is National OT Month, meaning occupational therapists get 30 days to celebrate everything that makes their profession one of a kind.

Formally, AOTA recognized the occasion at last week’s National Conference and Exposition in New Orleans. Otherwise, the organization has offered members suggestions for 10 other ways in which to celebrate the occasion. The full list, available here, offers such suggestions as:

  • Social Media Involvement. Whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or another program is your preferred social network, OTs are invited to share the finer points of the profession publicly.
  • Share Your Activities. OTs are welcome to share their professional promotional effort on CommunOT, AOTA’s blog site open to member contributions.

Other suggestions include holding a contest, conferring special honors upon colleagues, and wearing OT-themed clothing to further promote the profession.

Happy National Occupational Therapy Month!


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