I SURVIVED, NOW WHAT? Treating the Musculoskeletal Consequences of Maturing with a Chronic Pediatric Health Condition

Feb 28-March 1

Course Description:

The good news:  children with complex medical problems are surviving to adulthood. The bad news: they are reaching adulthood with numerous musculoskeletal consequences of survival such as spinal deformities (thoracic kyphosis, scoliosis, etc.), rib cage restrictions (pectus deformities, rib flares, tightness, etc.), and shoulder and hip/pelvis limitations, to name a few.  This 3-day course will look specifically at why these limitations tend to occur and what can be done to minimize their development. As pediatric physical therapists, we bear the responsibility of preparing our clients for life beyond pediatrics: adulthood!  Heavy emphasis will be placed on instruction in specific manual therapy techniques to help prevent or minimize orthopedic limitations.  The goal is to improve the pediatric and cardiopulmonary therapist’s knowledge and confidence in using musculoskeletal techniques for these unintended postural restrictions that affect both quality, and potentially quantity of life.  Participants will spend most of the course in the lab.  The target audience is physical therapists.  Other disciplines are invited to attend as they see the need.

Course Fee: $600.00

Course Location:

Texas Children’s Hospital

Contact: 832-826-6311

E-mail: courseregistration@texaschildrens.org

Web registrationhttp://www.texaschildrens.org/health-professionals/education/pmr


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