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ADVANCE for Occupational Therapy Practitioners features fourteen columns, each offering tailored information on a wide range of practice areas and professional development issues, from industrial rehabilitation, sensory processing and home care to mentoring, leadership and therapeutic use of self. Each is written by a rehabilitation or business professional with extensive experience in his or her field. Find the most recent articles from each of our columnists below, as well as links to archives of their work. The columns we offer as online exclusives are listed at the top, including our web-only Holistic OT column as well as those you may be familiar with from the print version of ADVANCE but are offering web-only installments of their columns. Those which have already appeared in the print magazine are available slightly further down the page.


  • Inside Occupation

    Debbie Amini, EdD, OTR/L, CHT, a nationally known practitioner, educator and leader in the profession, advocates for occupation-based therapy in this challenging column that encourages therapists to rethink the way they practice.

    Most recent column: Sound Bites and Perpetuating Innacuracies

  • Light On Holistic OT

    Holistic education in the OT profession continues to evolve.

    Most recent column: Teachable Moments

  • Supervision for Skillbuilding

    Always honest and sometimes controversial, longtime therapist and educator Jane Sorensen, PhD, OTR, ND, writes about attaining clinical excellence in this column, meant to give less-experienced OTs who have few people to mentor them better skills in the clinic.

    Most recent column: Political Correctness


  • International Perspective

    Worldwide traveler and OT educator Terry Crowe, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA, keeps readers up to date on OT in foreign lands in this very interesting take on therapy around the world.

    Most recent column: Occupational Therapy in Latvia

  • House Calls

    Experienced home care therapist Phyllis Ehrlich, MS, OTR/L, CHES, writes this column on the many aspects of working in patients’ homes. From pediatrics to geriatrics, home care therapists help people discharged from the hospital stay on their feet and functional.

    Most recent column: Getting Out Gracefully

  • Sensory Scene

    Written by Georgia private practitioner and frequent author on pediatric therapy Susan Orloff, OTR/L, this column follows research and practice in sensory processing disorder.

    Most recent column: So You Want to Work with Kids? (with additional chart not available in the print version)

  • Taking Care of Business

    Long-time private practice owner Iris Kimberg, MS PT, OTR, shares strategies for successfully starting, maintaining and growing a private practice, including staffing, billing, referrals and more.

    Most recent column: The Underutilized Buy-in/Buy-out Option

  • Movers & Shakers

    Columnist Jane Goude has writes on topics related to leadership, management, and taking charge in the workplace, based on her 12 years of rehab and management experience. Column consultant Mitzie Derrick, OTR/L, is manager of occupational therapy and speech-language pathology at Spartanburg Regional Medical Center in Spartanburg, SC.

    Most recent column: Leadership’s Scarlet Letter

  • Coachable Moments

    Dan Eisner, a certified life coach with nearly 15 years of experience in occupational therapy, shares with therapists life coaching, motivational and self-awareness techniques that can influence recovery and enhance the therapist-client relationship.

    Most recent column: Consciousness, Choice and Health

  • Classroom Clinic

    Long-time school-based practitioner and educator Barbara Chandler, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA, writes on the many issues facing OTs who practice in the schools-OT’s largest practice area.

    Most recent column: Least Restrictive Environment

  • Working Smart

    Roy Matheson, founder and president of a leading provider of training and certification in industrial rehabilitation, writes about the world of return-to-work, a specialty setting for OT and a popular one.

    Most recent column: Pain Management and Return to Work

  • Issues in Fieldwork

    A national leader in education and certification as well as a longtime fieldwork coordinator, Patricia Crist, PC, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA, trouble-shoots internship problems in this column, which appeals to clinical supervisors and students alike.

    Most recent column: Being ALERT as a Fieldwork Educator

  • Hands On

    Longtime hand therapist and educator Donna Colaianni, PhD, OTR/L, CHT, writes this regular, and often challenging, update on hand therapy to keep OTs informed of the state of an industry that occupational therapy actually founded and which has become one of the best-recognized in the rehab field.

    Most recent column: Caring for Ourselves

  • Activity Notebook

    Nationally published author-educator Estelle Breines, PhD, OTR, FAOTA, uses the historical arts-and-crafts based media of OT to take her readers on creative journeys.

    Most recent column: ‘Unfolding’ Therapeutic Activity

  • Person to Person

    Therapy is really about therapeutic use of self, making that connection with the patient or client that will motivate and move him forward in therapy. California practitioner Jackie Thrash, OTR, describes those skills in unusual, picturesque ways.

    Most recent column: Becoming a Clinical Instructor

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