Report: Massage Industry Growing Year Over Year

Massage Spa Owner

Results of almost 600 owners’ responses encouraging

A new national survey of 590 spa and salon owners illuminates how the industry is growing, the top challenges owners face, and how spa and salon owners implement technological solutions to common problems.

“The last year was a good one for the salon and spa market in terms of growth and revenue, but small business owners in this industry know that running a salon or spa today is no easy feat,” the survey noted. “Salon and spa owners are forced to compete with big brands and other local shops, and are constantly vying to create long lasting, loyal customer relationships.”

At the same time, salon-and-spa owners wear many hats within their business, “from manager and accountant, to customer service and marketing representative, and everything in between.”

Spas and salons are leading employers of massage therapists, and this dive into the challenges facing owners will help prospective employees understand the composition of this portion of the health-and-beauty industry.

A separate report indicated that the industry brought in over $16 billion in 2017, and 67 percent of owners reported increased revenues from 2017 to 2018.

SOURCE: Massage Mag

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