Seven Questions to Ask Before Your Child Plays Sports

Advocating for safety is the parent’s job

Just in time for the fall youth/high school sports season, a website called has released seven important questions for parents to consider and ask before allowing their child to participate.

According to the CDC, last year alone there were an estimated 2.6 million emergency department visits for youth sports-related injuries. While most parents (85 percent) feel that the benefits of sports outweigh the risks, many still have concerns over potential injury and illnesses.

The seven suggested questions are as follows:

Who will provide medical care during practices and games?

What type of training, education, and certification does the coach have?

What happens in case of an emergency?

Is the equipment safe?

Is my child ready for play?

Is it fun?

Do you know the signs and symptoms (of a particular injury/condition)?

The organization also provides a parent checklist for sports safety to ensure a positive, and above all safe experience for athletes this coming season.

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