7 Ideas for Employee Appreciation

7 Ideas for Employee Appreciation

Sleep Tech Appreciation Week and Respiratory Care Week are ideal opportunities to show your team how much you appreciate their commitment and hard work. Here are seven ways to offer your sincere “thanks” each day:

Kickoff the festivities with appreciation grams. Hand out goodie bags or thank you notes attached to a roll of Lifesavers that say “You are a Lifesaver”.

Post a large cork board in a visible place with pictures of your team. Write captions below each photo with the employee’s name, and describe one of their best qualities. Encourage team members to add their praises to the cork board throughout the week.

Identify specific job-related skills your employees want to know more about. Invite a special guest with expertise in that area to spend the day at your facility.

Raise money for the American Lung Association by organizing a Fight for Air Climb event. During stairclimbs, participants raise money by collecting pledges to ascend the stairway in prominent high-rise towers. Visit www.lungusa.org/donate/events/fight-for-air-climb/

Create your own spa retreat. Arrange for free massages, or find a quiet space where people can take a break. Provide soothing music and stress relief kits with stress balls, appropriately funny notes, and herbal teas.

Arrange for team members who have made special contributions to the department’s success throughout the year to have lunch with upper management.

Take digital pictures during your weeklong celebration, and then turn them into a slideshow. Share popcorn and lemonade as you view the highlights on a meeting room’s big screen. (P.S. Don’t forget to email us your photos! Send them to kziegler@advanceweb.com.)

Enjoy these ideas for celebrating your professional week? Look for more fun activities to celebrate your professional week on our Sleep Technologist Appreciation Week celebration page and our Respiratory Care Week celebration page.

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