Are You Sleep Savvy? Quiz 10 Answer Key

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1. Which of the controls affect the frequency band of waveforms viewed on a recording?

a. Low filter
b. Sensitivity
c. Display gain
d. Sampling rate

Answer: a

2. According to RECOMMENDED guidelines, respiratory effort should be recorded with:

a. Intercostal EMG
b. Piezo-electric bands
c. Inductance plethysmography
d. Nasal pressure transducers

Answer: c

3. When a patient states they feel like they are suffocating and can’t get enough air when on CPAP, they are most likely complaining of:

a. Air hunger
b. Low oxygenation
c. Symptoms of low humidity
d. Symptoms of excessive pressure

Answer: a

4. According to RECOMMENDED guidelines, portable monitoring is appropriate to:

a. Diagnose Hypoventilation Syndrome
b. Screen patients with a low probability of OSA
c. Assess patients with low baseline oxygen saturation
d. Monitor a patient’s response to oral appliance therapy

Answer: d

5. According to RECOMMENDED guidelines how many obstructive apneas should occur before CPAP is increased?

a. One
b. Two
c. Three
d. Four

Answer: b

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