Are You Sleep Savvy? Quiz 12 Answer Key

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1. The primary importance of selecting sampling rates according to RECOMMENDED guidelines is to:

a. Minimize aliasing effect
b. Localize by phase reversal
c. Enhance common mode rejection
d. Maximize the effectiveness of filter changes

Answer: a

2. The cortical electrode located 30% above the right pre-auricular crease is:

a. F4
b. C4
c. P4
d. O2

Answer: b

3. The MOST important reason for performing a MWT is to:

a. Determine the need for stimulant medication
b. Confirm the diagnosis of idiopathic hypersomnia
c. Measure the ability to resist the urge to fall asleep
d. Calculate the mean sleep latency of 5 nap opportunities

Answer: c

4. The syndrome characterized by prolonged episodes of severe hypoxemia and associated PaCO2 elevation that worsens during sleep is:

a. Pulmonary hypertension
b. Cheyne stokes respiration
c. Anoxic encephalopathy
d. Obesity hypoventilation

Answer: d

5. According to RECOMMENDED guidelines, the starting pressure for pediatric and adult CPAP titration is:

a. 3 cm H20
b. 4 cm H20
c. 5 cm H20
d. 6 cm H20

Answer: b

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