Are You Sleep Savvy? Quiz 7

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1. When reviewing a patient’s history in preparation for a polysomnogram, physiologic findings suggestive of hypoventilation include:

a. Hypertension and stridor
b. Nocturnal eating and GERD
c. Hypotension and dizziness
d. Hypoxia and hypercapnia

2. Which ECG rhythm would indicate the need for immediate intervention?

a. Atrial fibrillation
b. Brady-tachy arrhythmia
c. Trigeminy
d. Ventricular tachycardia

3. According to RECOMMENDED guidelines, CPAP should be increased after observing at least:

a. 2 obstructive apneas
b. 3 RERAs
c. 5 hypopneas
d. 5 minutes of unambiguous snoring

4. According to RECOMMENDED guidelines, in patients who do not generate a dominant posterior alpha rhythm, which would indicate scoring stage N1?

a. 11-15 Hz background activity
b. Hypnopompic hypersynchrony
c. Sleep spindles
d. Vertex waves

5. Calculate the AHI based on the following data: 25 obstructive apneas, 5 central apneas, 23 mixed apneas, 15 hypopneas, 48 RERAs, 65 arousals, 360 min of sleep

a. 2
b. 11
c. 19
d. 32

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