Are You Sleep Savvy? Quiz 9

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1. In conjunction with a comprehensive sleep evaluation, portable monitoring may be indicated to:

a. Confirm presence of a parasomnia
b. Evaluate symptoms of narcolepsy
c. Differentiate obstructive from central apnea
d. Monitor response to non-PAP treatments for sleep apnea

2. Obstructive apnea in pediatric patients is MOST often associated with:

a. Hyperactivity
b. Hypothyroidism
c. Idiopathic hypersomnolence
d. Overlap syndrome

3. According to RECOMMENDED guidelines for adult patients, CPAP pressure should be increased:

a. At intervals of ≥ 5 minutes after observing two obstructive apneas
b. At intervals of ≥ 10 minutes after observing two hypopneas
c. After 2 minutes of loud or ambiguous snoring
d. After 2 minutes and observing three RERAs

4. Actigraphy is MOST useful in the evaluation of:

a. Central apnea
b. Insomnia
c. Obesity hypoventilation
d. Restless Legs Syndrome

5. Calculate the AHI using the following data:
Total recording time: 8.5 hours
Total sleep time: 6.0 hours
Obstructive apneas: 55
Mixed apneas: 27
Hypopneas: 110
Respiratory arousals: 199

a. 23/hr
b. 32/hr
c. 46/hr
d. 65/hr

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