COPD9 Conference Preview

Building upon the success and visibility generated from the COPD8USA conference in 2014, the COPD9USA Conference, a multi-disciplinary, continuing medical education (CME) event, will address professional practice gaps in treating chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) June 5-6 in Chicago.

Hosted by The COPD Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to curing COPD, the event provides crucial clinical and scientific knowledge for primary care physicians, pulmonologists, registered nurses, physician assistants, respiratory therapists, medical directors, care coordinators and anyone involved with the management of individuals with COPD, the nation’s third-leading cause of death.

The COPD9USA format creates a unique environment where young clinicians and investigators have the opportunity to network with senior clinicians and investigators in a session setting, social setting and through dedicated time for poster viewing. Junior clinicians and investigators are encouraged to attend COPD9USA because of the unique mentoring opportunities to interact with leaders in the field and attend sessions focused on pathways to success.

To facilitate that interaction, COPD9USA chairs will invite individuals to submit abstracts for oral or poster presentation requests. Up to eight abstracts will be selected for oral presentation and there will also be an unopposed period for poster review attended by COPD luminaries who will provide feedback and suggestions. To further promote an encouraging/nurturing environment for young investigators, the COPD9USA co-chairs will pilot a formal mentorship program at the conference. The mentorship program will be connected to the development of the COPD9USA enduring material, providing mentees with opportunities for interaction with mentors before, during and after the conference.

The conference faculty will include world-renowned pulmonologists, primary care physicians and physician extenders. Designed to reflect the diverse needs of the multi-disciplinary attendees, the program includes plenary sessions and three breakout tracks:

Clinical Track:

  • Current guidelines
  • Case studies and address best practices
  • Overlap syndromes and the specific challenges and care necessary to treat patients with overlap syndromes
  • Clinical questions from the wider COPD community

Care Delivery Track:

  • Healthcare delivery within the changing landscape of healthcare
  • Hospitalizations and re-hospitalizations
  • Palliative care issues
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Team approaches in different delivery models to improve care

Research Track:

  • Novel therapies in development
  • The role of genetics in COPD diagnosis and management
  • Exploration of state-of-the-art basic science issues in COPD in a translational and applied manner
  • Abstract session

COPD9USA highlights include:

The Changing Face of Healthcare: How Policy Changes are Driving COPD Care: Co-Chaired by Jean Rommes, Ph.D. and Robert Sandhaus, M.D., Ph.D., this session examines leading policies that may change the face of healthcare today. Of particular importance is addressing the CME competitive bidding process regarding oxygen therapy and durable medical equipment companies.

Back to the Future. Past, Present and Future in COPD: Co-Chaired by Stephen Rennard, M.D., Barry Make, M.D., and Grace Anne Dorney Koppel, this session brings healthcare professionals and patients together to discuss what to expect in the next 10 years — and the potential for finding a cure.

Hospitalizations, Rehospitalizations and Integration of Care: Co-Chaired by Bob Wise, M.D. and Jill Ohar, M.D., this session will cover various topics, including data, transitions of care, medical homes and ACOs, and possible solutions.

Interventional Options for COPD – LVRS, Bronchoscopic Therapies and the Future: Co-Chaired by Barry Make, M.D., and William Bulman, M.D., this session includes Stem Cells/Regeneration, presented by Ed Ingenito, M.D., and explores stem cell therapy and other interventional options.

Clinical Trials Update: The Philip Marcus, MD Memorial Session: Co-Chaired by Ravi Kalhan, M.D., and Mark Dransfield, M.D., this session is dedicated to Dr. Philip Marcus, who devoted his career to COPD research, and includes a look at monumental studies and publications from 2014/2015.

Developing and Implementing Biomarkers and Novel Imaging in COPD: Co-Chaired by MeiLan Han, M.D., and Graham Barr, M.D., Ph.D., this session looks at: the future of identifying phenotypic traits in COPD; how CT scans with novel new software can provide much more useful information than spirometry results; and if new biomarkers and novel imaging techniques can help better identify the various COPD phenotypes that will ultimately lead to improved treatment options in the future.

Young Investigators Looking to the Future: Presented by Ravi Kalhan, M.D., and MeiLan Han, M.D., this session features the “young-guns discussing what the future holds through their research and aspirations.

If you are interested in registering for the conference, please click here to access the registration site. For any questions, including information on opportunities to support the conference or exhibit at the conference, please contact Elisha Malanga at 866-731-2673 ext. 309 or

John M. Walsh is president and co-founder of the COPD Foundation.

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