Emerging Trends Favor Dry Powder Inhalers

Asthma Inhalers and Meds

Convenience, easy handling major benefits

The aging U.S. population is giving way to emerging needs for home health care, and in the respiratory market this trend is being seen in the form of inhaled medicine. In particular, dry powder inhalers are seen as the future, deemed to be well-positioned for capitalizing on these trends, and evolving as major drivers for future development of the pharmaceutical sector, and commercialization of therapeutic drugs related to respiratory disorders.

With growing pollution levels and further development in second- and third-world countries, there is a growing prevalence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders and asthma across the globe. A major market trend is a desire for convenience and easy handling of respiratory devices. Multiple dry powder inhalers are being purchased by patients with respiratory diseases as supplementary devices for different places such as cars, job sites, and homes. With single-use dry powder inhalers, patients are enabled to carry exact dose of inhalations required in blister packs, which in turn facilitates handling and convenience.

Despite growth in developing countries, the North American market is likely to remain strongest for dry powder inhalers, with approximately 160 million expected to sell between now and 2026.

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