The Business of Home Sleep Apnea Testing

This free educational webinar will advance your knowledge of the business of home sleep apnea testing and educate attendees on how to make money in this rapidly evolving paradigm change. It will educate, motivate and activate you in making personal, sustainable growth, and will be focused on your career and business to adapt to the rapid market changes happening around you.It will discuss the how-to of collaborative business practice re-engineering, personal career growth and financial opportunities and realities. Sleep laboratory owners and sleep technologists will learn how to increase sleep lab occupancy or positively change their career paths in a rapidly challenging sleep lab testing market. Nurse practitioners and PCPs will learn new business and patient care protocols and benefits by working with an IDTF. Dentists will learn about the business models involved in monitoring oral appliance efficacy in collaboration with IDTFs and sleep specialists. You will walk away with an understanding of different paths to investigate, and above all, you will start your own personal change to meet the challenges ahead of you.


About the Presenter:

Mitch Livingston is the VP of Business Development and a co-founder of Braebon Medical Corporation and has been a serial entrepreneur whose career spans numerous high technology start-ups as well as senior development management in Cisco Systems. An expert in change management, business process reengineering, business development, and personal development, he takes great pleasure in mentoring and guiding individuals and companies to financial success. Mitch received his BSc in Engineering which anchored his understanding of how products, people, systems, and business practices must work in collaborative environments. He has initiated or been engaged in twelve different start-ups and business rejuvenations. Two of which had successful exits, two of which are still thriving, and seven which failed. He found the experience and learnings taken from the failures to be keys for the successes. From these he has become quite passionate in helping people and organizations impacted by business paradigm shifts to make sustainable personal change with positive financial benefits. Mitch is a captivating and engaging speaker, who will educate, motivate and activate you personally to start on a personal path to meet the challenges you face in this new business environment of sleep medicine. If you want to learn how to survive and make money in this changing market this free webinar is for you.

This webinar is not offered for CE credit

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